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We are a boutique factory located in the Kingdom of Bahrain - an island we are proud to call our home!

At Amalfi Foods, we specialize in baked goods and confectionery. Our journey began in 2015 inspired and modeled after Japanese baked confectionery goods. Years down the line, we have mastered the art and technique of creating high-quality products, that are often sold at the most prestigious patisseries, at an affordable price point without having to compromise on the quality or convenience of our products.

Our products are always innovative and delicious baked made with the utmost care using the best ingredients to give you high-quality products baked to perfection.


We aim to become leaders within the F&B industry by continuously challenging ourselves and elevating the quality of our products 0

Serve the community with fresh, locally-manufactured products. 0

Export Bahraini produced products to the world. 0

Create job opportunities. 0

Support national food security. 0

Uphold honesty about our products. 0


Our mission is simple! It’s to provide consumers with a variety of top-quality baked goods at an affordable price point, without having to compromise on the quality or the convenience of our products.


We believe producing high-quality products at an affordable price point helps you make more conscious decisions! Our long-term vision is to offer an extended range of products, becoming your preferred baked goods of choice. We strive to make innovative, delicious, and convenient confectionery goods available to everyone.



We want to continuously improve by introducing unprecedented products and services to maximize our creative potential.


We are consistent and attentive in everything we do to ensure that we deliver top-quality products. That is a factor that we refuse to compromise on!


We are committed to being open and transparent about all aspects of Amalfi with our stakeholders. To us, honesty is the best policy, and we believe long-term relationships are built on that.

Brand Sustainability

The transition to quality is fueled by the growing movement of consumers demanding better ingredients and food options. At Amalfi, we intend to play our part by serving the community with fresh locally-manufactured products as well as create local job opportunities. Our goal is to maximize the shared value. In doing so, our continuous goal is to implement up-to-date industry-leading practices to protect our consumers, employees, and the greater community.

Quality & Safety

From the very beginning, we are committed to manufacturing and producing quality products of the highest food safety standards without having to compromise on the convenience of our products and their affordable price-points.
Our commitment to quality and safety does not just apply to our products, but also to the way Amalfi operates and our management.
We have strict quality control systems for our products and team to ensure that everything we do is streamlined to keep producing top-quality products.


From the start of our journey while building our facility our main concern was always hygiene. The highest standards for food production were followed while coordinating with our Ministry of health. Maintaining strict high levels of hygiene & regulatory compliance is our top priority to ensure that we deliver consistently great products to you.